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Prolific, award-winning product pioneer credited with development and management of groundbreaking technology programs, products, and projects. Personal mission to impact evolution of computers and multimedia and integrate next-generation technology with real-world systems. Employers include, Dartmouth, Brandeis, M.I.T, Houghton-Mifflin, and Apple Computer. M.I.T. Master of Science Degree in Visual Studies. B.A. Cornell.

Expert team builder and communicator. Skilled at achieving project buy-in. Record of delivering projects on time, on budget. Passion for creating products at the cutting edge of new technologies, processes, and ideas. Experience working closely with customers to integrate computer applications into work-flow. Known for taking small projects and transforming them into exciting, innovative initiatives.

Ann Marion is a Producer/Designer of Mediated Learning Environments, providing strategic solutions and production management, with a current focus on website development. Research and Development have been focused on Authoring tools and languages, computational representations, computer animation, systems integration for end-user customization, software design processes. Her work is artifact-based research, investigating issues in learning through design of software languages and/or tools, particularly end-user customization; with special interest in multi-modal [gesture/haptic and motion-based representations] Ann Marion has long been a champion of novel solutions in educational technology to accomplish the integration of 20th century science and technology subject matter into the curriculum. As a software product manager in commerical environments, she worked to articulate and promote new research and development and cross industry systems integration to create the IT infrastructure to support ePublishing and Distance Learning. These are summarized in the on-line article at JIME,

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