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Portfolio: Interactive Animations, Simulations

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  • Flash
  • Server Integration - C/Unix/MySQL/SYSS
about this project  
Edutainment prototypes
Corey&Co:Designers for Viacom
Allegra's Window
Corey&Co:Designers for Viacom
  • Director
  • Dynamic HTML
  • Intel Prototype
  • Director
  • 4D Database
  • CD-ROM Multimedia
StonySoft/Voyager (completed at Corey & Co: Designers)
Society of Mind: The
  • Infini-D 3D
  • HyperCard
  • CD-ROM Multimedia
about this project



interactive animation (various)
Apple Computer
Vivarium Program
  • Macromedia VideoWorks
  • HyperCard
  • Playground - About
  • E&S CT5 - About

about Apple project

E&S Kelp Forest Thumbnail

about Apple project

Demonstration of an Interactive Kelp Forest as an educational Learning Environment. first animation for the Evans & Sutherland Flight Simulator


motion-coded desktop
Hewlett Packard Labs
  • UI - C prototype
parameterized animation:
----- AMO (artificially motivated objects)
---- Paper Cut-Out
Atari Research
  • Atari 800
  • LispMachine
  • Paper Cut-Out Video Stop-Frame animation
parameterized animation
MIT Master Thesis
  • 3D Graphics on DEC
  • Selspot 3D gesture input
  • Film/Video

Animation and moving images are a key component of every project.
Ann Marion has been a long term champion of constraint-based animation and database integration.
Moving images engage cognitve processes, and can be used to enhance communication.

This page is in development 5.16.06 to highlight animations that have been elements of most projects