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Web Site Development

Complete Website for Dental Lab

Waltham, MA 2008

Sample Galleries
added for
Northboro Plumber - new

Northboro, MA 2011

Complete Set-up of ClubZ Tutoring Mini-Site - new

New England 2011

Do You Need Help?
Setting Up Your Website? :

Small Business, Artists, Medical and Technology Start-ups! If you need a website, please call us!

We take the trauma out of working with technology at a very good price.

Whether your site is simple, or complex.
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Hosting & Domain Name

We can do all the work of setting up your website so that it is completely painless for you. Or, we can guide you set-up.

We Set-up Your Domain Name

We set up your Hosting

Walk you through Set-Up

Design & Implement a Basic Website:

5 to 6 Pages at a Great Price

If You Already Have a Website:

Search Engine Optimization: Following standards, choosing keywords, as well as networking and linking with your community, you can increase your site's rankings in the search engines such as Google.

Contact Form

Create a form that your customers can fill out with their contact information, comments or questions.

Special Services

Custom Page Design :Create new design, new logo, drop down menus, animation

Blogs, Members-Only Incorporate new ways of communicating with customers

eCommerce: We help integrate low-cost Pay Pal Shopping Cart onto your pages in a seamless way. Or, help you evaluate and install custom eCommerce.

Next Steps

Video Services: We can videotape you and your business and put the movies on your website.

Training: We offer training and on-going support for maintaining and upgrading.

Customer Feedback : Feedback from end-users is an essential component of the design process, and incorporated at various stages during the development cycle.